Inter-practice advice

Tax advice for professional firms

Wilson Taxation works closely with accountants, solicitors and other professionals when they are faced with taxation issues that are complex or outside the scope of their normal day-to-day tax planning.  Depending on your approach, we are happy to advise at arm’s length, or if you prefer, we can deal directly with your client for a specific purpose. We can devise a tax strategy that will fit your client’s unique legal or financial circumstance.

Second Opinion Service

We also provide a second opinion service, if you or your client could benefit from a fresh set of eyes on a particular issue.

Our Inter-practice advice is dedicated to:

Legal Professionals:

  • Revenue enquiries / Revenue Audits / Revenue Settlements
  • Investigation and Prosecution Division enquiries
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax queries and advice
  • ROS filing of CAT documents
  • CAT Audit
  • Capital Gains Tax provisions
  • Income Tax rent provisions & arrears settlements
  • Succession planning

Accounting Professionals:

  • Second opinion advisory
  • Revenue enquiries / Revenue Audits / Revenue settlements
  • Investigation and Prosecution Division enquiries
  • CAT queries and advice
  • CGT provisions
  • Tax planning and tax efficient strategies
  • Tax Incentives for business – start-up and growth
  • Inward investment to Ireland
  • Exporting & growth strategies
  • Succession planning