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Taxation in Ireland

We can improve your cash flow and increase your bottom line by being more effective in the way you plan and pay your taxes. Our detailed knowledge of the tax codes will help you reduce your tax bill, year after year.

Taxation Consultants Dublin Revenue Audits

Revenue Enquiries

If Revenue initiates an enquiry, you need the very best assistance. We act immediately and decisively to minimise your exposure and to remedy any existing problems. We will negotiate hard and assert your interests emphatically.

International Taxation Strategy

International Tax 

We advise domestic, overseas and multinational companies and organisations. We can help you reduce your tax liability when moving revenues or assets across jurisdictions. We handle the international aspects of your personal taxation too.

Inter-Practice Advice

Wilson Taxation works closely with Irish and overseas accountants, solicitors and other financial advisors when their clients need specialist or complex tax advice outside the scope of normal day-to-day tax planning.

Tx Consultants Dun Laoghaire

Tax Advice, Revenue Audits, Tax Planning.


Full-service specialist tax consultants, working for individuals, SME’s and corporations.  

Wilson Taxation has been in Dun Laoghaire since 1997. We’ve been around the block a few times, in good times and in bad. We’ve seen a lot and we’ve learned a lot in those years. You can benefit from our expertise and our experience. We can help you pay less tax.

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Full Service Tax Advisers. All Your Tax Needs Taken Care Of By Experts.

  • Full-service tax consultants

  • Business and individual taxation

  • Irish and overseas tax issues

  • Resident and non-resident taxation

  • Revenue enquiries

  • Revenue audits

  • Revenue appeals

  • Tax settlement negotiations

  • Specialist tax service for accountants and solicitor firms

  • Succession planning

  • Estate planning

  • Company restructuring

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