MITIGATE or ELIMINATE payments, fines and penalties.



Making a Revenue settlement involves negotiating directly with Revenue to yield the best possible outcome, given the situation in which you find yourself. Usually, negotiating a Revenue settlement means that there is some unpaid tax outstanding or some circumstances where the client is or was in breach of the tax codes.  There is no substitute for experience in these situations. Our extensive experience in this area has yielded extremely positive results for our clients in these situations.  We will negotiate the best possible outcome for you. 

Revenue Settlements

Making a negotiated settlement with Revenue is a job that requires knowledge, judgement and above all, EXPERIENCE. Make sure the right person is negotiating on your behalf.


Revenue is empowered to enter into a settlement agreement with tax-payers for less than the amount of tax that is owed. Our experience tells us how far Revenue is prepared to go in a variety of circumstances. Dealing with these issues requires fine judgement and an expert insight into the variables that lie behind the decisions. If you find yourself in circumstances where you may need to make a Revenue Settlement, you could benefit from contacting us without delay. Often the less said is soonest mended.

The Finance (Tax Appeals) Act 2015 has had a significant effect on how businesses now deal with Revenue when they are found to be in breach of their tax obligations. The Tax Appeals Commission has been set up as an independent body to deal with appeals against assessments and decisions made by revenue. Sometimes it is wise to make an appeal through the Tax Appeals Commission. Sometimes it is not. Be sure you are getting the right advice.